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New Partnerships in the wake of Branch Transformation

Nautilus Hyosung Americas and Extaco Banks/ Extraco Consulting have announced a successful branch transformation partnership. Extraco looked to Hyosung, one of the largest and fastest growing ATM providers in the US. According to James Geeslin, vice chairman of Extraco Banks and CEO of Extraco Consulting in Waco, Texas, "Hyosung was the most aggressive ATM vendor willing to adapt and work with us on our vision." The implementation skipped right over the ATM switch integration method and integrates directly with the core processor.

CFS Solutions was the final link for a full integration using their DepositWizard ATM software. With CFS’ capability to take ATM transactions and create a file to be ingested by the CORE processing system, dual posting is then eliminated. Video capabilities are embedded in each machine allowing customers to video chat with a universal employee when they need assistance. From a tablet, branch managers can monitor transactions and assist frontline tellers in real-time, according to the Nautilus Hyosung America press release. CFS Solutions is pleased to be a part of this successful implementation supplying the Financial Institution with transactional data that completes a full integration.

Branch transformation is driving increased deposits and extending branch hours to allow 24/7 deposits. CFS is proud to play an essential role connecting this new technology that is becoming increasingly

popular among financial institutions across the US.


Nautilus Hyosung America and CFS Solutions

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