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90 Day Free Trial

CFS Solutions prides itself on the accessibility that most environments work with our software as well as most all hardware. We have teamed with Nautilus Hyosung for a special offering. We are offering a free 90 Day Trial cloud-hosted solution. While Hyosung is offering a LARGE discount on the upgrade to the NBS and CCIM. This will end next quarter. It’s a way to help out those that want to move up in technology and allow 24/7 deposits to their customers during these difficult and somewhat uncertain times. We hope to be a positive change in the footprint of new emerging technology.

The free trial for the CFS Solution is ONLY for those who choose to turn on deposits and use the cloud (hosted) solution. If at the end of three months the customer is happy with the solution we will begin charging after the three months and if not then we will turn off the service and not charge anything. We believe in our solution and believe that once you try our easy, simple solution you will not want to turn off the service. We pride ourselves on amazing support and ease of use with our software products. Check imaging is what we do and offering solutions that solve problems for financial institutions is who we are. Let us know if you are interested in finding out more about our deposit automation. Click here.


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