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Meet Our Newest Team Member

CFS Solutions is proud to introduce our newest hire Ronson Phillips.

He began in the third quarter of 2019. His previous position was as a Network Engineer with a local computer company in Tallahassee, Florida. We were very excited when he decided to join our team. He may be a familiar voice, as he has been actively helping customers after training.

He has an extensive background in the information technology field ranging from troubleshooting hardware, peripherals, and telephony equipment to network infrastructure and network administrator.

When he isn't working he enjoys building his own computers at home and spending time with Megan and two daughters Claudia and Charlotte. We are so excited to introduce him officially to our customers and partners.

If you haven't spoken with Ronson yet, you may catch him the next time you call.

Ronson Phillips

Direct Line: 850-462-7989



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