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The New "Norm" for Banking

The recent COVID-19 pandemic that has affected nearly everyone in the world in some way or another and has made a call for change in just about every way that we function day-to-day. Many states have begun to open up the economy. Some have taken a slower path, but however your state has begun to open up, one thing is for sure, people will be more cautious going into public. Life as we knew it before the pandemic has changed. There is a new "norm" and technology has enabled us to continue and forge on. At CFS Solutions we have been able to continue to support our customers and partners as our employees have worked remotely.

In our line of work, we have seen an increase in ITM sales. This allows customers of respective financial institutions to make deposits and complete all banking transactions as if face to face with a teller. While our economy seems to slowly be reopening the fear will remain until there is a vaccine for the CoronaVirus. Technology such as ITMs will be what allows financial institutions to continue with the business, not as usual, but to continue, nonetheless, and make their customers feel safe.

Since March of this year alone CFS Solutions has added twelve new financial institutions with our Deposit ATM software which resides on ATMs and ITMs. These are new customers to CFS Solutions and do not include current customers that may add ATMs or ITMs to their current software platform with us. It allows customers to make deposits without entering the branch or even leaving their vehicle and removing the need for courier services. If you haven’t explored ITMs or ATMs for your financial institution it might be the right time to take another look.

Take a closer look at CFS Solutions’ ITM or ATM solution and book a presentation online with us here.


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