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CFS works in all different kinds of environments with all different vendors. Our success can be attributed to our customers and partners. It has been amazing doing business with you and we thank you!

CFS Solutions stands for Conlan Financial Software Solutions. We are and do just that. We are a software company that provides many different customizable solutions to banks and credit unions. We are an entire banking solution.


We specialize in delivering full-service check imaging solutions. The company has been a chosen and trusted partner to financial institutions for many years offering clients over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. CFS stays on the cutting edge of the most advanced technology giving consumers the easiest, fastest, and safest route to move their funds from many different points such as mobile deposit, ATM deposit, ITM deposit, branch deposit, and merchant deposit.


We offer cloud-based solutions that allow a financial institution to have as much customization as they want with the products we offer. Because we offer an entire suite of products, ask us how we can help you cut down on duplicates and fraud. We work with many different CORE companies that allows our products to work in most environments.

What Makes CFS Successful?

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