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Image Wizard Mobile

Allow customers to deposit 24/7 with their smart device.

How It Works

The growing trend of rMDC products has taken banking to the future. Image Wizard Mobile offers an easy-to-use, accurate two-factor secure product. It allows consumers and business clients to make deposits using their smartphone or tablet. The smartphone or tablet becomes a scanning device.

The consumer will initiate a session with their financial institution, then, by following the onscreen directions, snap photos of the fronts and backs of the check the user is depositing. 


No trip to a branch or ATM required. Residing client-side on the phone or tablet Image Wizard’s unique differentiator is being able to fully process a check without a server connection which creates an intelligent handset and allows for Image Wizard Mobile to offer a turnkey, Check21 compliant solution that is quick and easy to use, scalable, and reduces operating costs for financial institutions.



  • Already have mobile banking?

  • Want to add mobile deposit to your mobile banking app?

We have our own API to interface into any existing mobile banking applicaiton. 

Auto Capture

Flash Function

And Mobile Merchant

YES! Merchants can deposit on their smartphone devices!



Users with iPhone or Android devices

simply download the application.

Then, log in using two-factor authentication

to initiate a secure session, this done once upon initial deposit.



Take a picture of the front of the check.

DepositWizard Mobile


Then snap a pic of the back of the check and DONE!


That's it!

Within seconds of uploading the transaction, the user receives a confirmation that the deposit was received successfully.  

Mobile deposit cannot get any easier than this. Security is important  to CFS. That is why we have parameters and standards set up that prevent things such as  kiting and fraud.

Now make loan payments with your mobile device!

Image Wizard Mobile now allows financial institution's clients to make loan payments from their mobile device without stepping foot inside. 

Clients will log in and select their installment or line of credit that they would like to make a payment to and simply take a snap shot of their check and send their deposit. They will receive a receipt for their payment with an image of their check to their email. Image Wizard Mobile, making life just a little more simple. 

What do Industry Leaders have to say about RDC?

Brian EganSenior Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, said that, "it is important that financial institutions educate customers about the positive effects of RDC on risk. “How can we get information to people so those who don’t understand RDC have enough information to say, ‘OK, these guys know what they’re doing?’”


"Speedier check processing," Egan added, "reduces the open liability of uncashed checks in the payment system, making RDC a “great thing” for the economy and the banking system as a whole." Egan continued, “As RDC moves into the business space, it will have an even bigger impact over time.”

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