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CFS Solutions 

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CFS Solutions offers a suite of products that can work independently of each other or all together. Our banking software is ahead of the game in check item processing. Take a look at our vendor compatibility page with a list of our vendors. If you do not see a vendor you use listed, let us know. We have the capability to work with almost anyone.

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With CFS Branch Capture, with our branch capture product, you have the ability to scan deposit items for back office personnel to balance or the branch can balance their own work. Let us help take the pressure off daily balancing work with our easy to use software. 

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With Merchant Capture you can allow your business customers to deposit from their office. This will give them the edge to keep their business going as usual without having to make an extra trip to the branch.


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With the CFS Solution ATM/ITM Deposit Automation — our ATM capture product and now our newest ITM capture product — your institution can extend its banking hours to 24/7. This allows clients to deposit bulk check and bulk cash around the clock. 



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 Our Mobile Capture product, you can give your mobile users the advantage of depositing anywhere, anytime with their smartphone or tablet.


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