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Image Wizard Merchant is cloud based software. With Image Wizard Merchant, merchants will be able to prepare their deposit just as if they were walking into the building. The merchant will go to their secure https:// site, enter their credentials, then enter the amount of the deposit, scan the checks, and click the export button. Merchants are not required to key in any information about the checks, this will be done at the Datacenter/Back Office.


DepositWizard Mobile Merchant
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The App

Mobile Merchant

Image Wizard Merchant

Image Wizard Mobile Merchant

Image Wizard Mobile Merchant pairs the benefits of Image Wizard Merchant with the convenience of CFS’s Image Wizard Mobile. Your business customer simply downloads our application, ePic Check, our contract free version or uses a branded custom app with your financial institution name onto their Android or Apple mobile device.  The customer will then establish a session by using our dual authentication process.  



Once logged in, the customer will be taken to the application’s main screen that will display your branded landing page.  Here they will have the option to make a deposit or view previous deposits. Once they begin the process of making a new deposit, the customer will be prompted through the necessary steps of taking pictures of the front and back of the check(s) as well as verifying the amount on the check(s). They then submit the deposit and that’s it!! Mitek module is already incorporated into Image Wizard Mobile Merchant, which provides the capability of ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) with CAR/LAR (Courtesy Amount Recognition/Legal Amount Recognition) to read the amount on the check, read the MICR code line information and perform validity verification on the iPhone/Android smart phones. Image Wizard Mobile Merchant then uses secure FTP (FTPS/SFTP) communications to send the completed deposit information to a back-office system for final verification and processing.  


The customer will then receive an email verification that their deposit has been received.  An image of the submitted check (MICR redacted for added security) may also be enabled for customer receipt of deposit.

Once the deposit is sent, the back-office process begins. The work flows into the Image Wizard Merchant software.  All of the benefits and features of the Image Wizard Merchant software, including limit review and reporting on merchant behavior are applied to these Mobile Merchant deposits.

Contract Free App

Custom Branded App

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