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iWizard ATM/ITM

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CFS has developed a simple solution for both the financial institution and ATM/ITM/BTS vendors to comply with image-enabled ATMs. Image Wizard ATM/ITM provides a solution that allows for the image capture of a check deposit transaction at the ATM. This would be at the point of presentment, as opposed to the central processing center.  Image Wizard ATM/ITM enhances your client’s experience by providing convenient access to their accounts and providing the ability to make deposits around the clock. 

We currently process and/or provide end-to-end Enhanced Deposit Automation functionality to 500+ ATMs, driven by 17 different Networks at 38 Financial Institutions in 28 states and our output formats are currently certified by 25 different Item Processing environments. iWizard ATM/ITM is the leader for end-to-end, Enhanced Deposit Automation solutions. These numbers are continuously increasing, EVERYDAY!

Regardless of the ATM/ITM/BTS hardware and application software, or indeed the financial institution’s back-office check processing core, ATM or item processor, the iWizard ATM/ITM solution fits into all operations, through the introduction of two major solution components – the iWizard ATM/ITM Agent and the iWizard ATM/ITM Transaction Interchange.


How It Works

Nautilus Hysonug Branch Transformation Solution

Branch Transformation Solution

Similar to the software for deposit automation the newest BTS machines use CFS' state of the ark software that resides on your BTS or ITM to send balanced and corrected files. Maybe you would like to view those ATM transactions and check for all keyed items or high dollar amounts? Try our newest Check Review and Reconciliation for flawless data and fraud protection.

The first module, the iWizard Live Agent, will reside on any full-function deposit automated machine. The second module included with iWizard ATM is the Transaction Interchange. This consolidator is designed to collect the data from the Live Agents and builds an X9 file to be ingested into the financial institutions existing Image processing platform. The Transaction Interchange can reside on either an In-House server or be Hosted in our partner data center.


Once a transaction is made at any deposit-enabled terminal, the Live Agent on the ATM picks up an XML file of the deposit made. This data file will include information about the transaction including time, location, terminal ID, item count, amount, deposit type, and whether it was a check or cash deposit. Along with the information in the transaction, the Live Agent will also send the image of the deposit (check only). Once this information is encrypted, it is securely transmitted to the Transaction Interchange, it will create a variation of virtual tickets, depending on the deposit, and send them in a converted X9 file format to the FI’s existing image processor for further verification on a user-defined schedule. The Transaction Interchange will also generate detailed activity reports based on the XML for reconciliation.

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