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“In dealing with the technology vendors of the bank, I rate them in an A, B. and C category based on product and customer service.  Because CFS has a product that is easy to use which keeps us ahead of the curve with changes in the Check 21 world, I give them an A.  CFS’s product is only beaten out by their high level of customer service which I grade with an A+.” 

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"Deposit Wizard ATM has changed the way Bank of McKenney looks at banking.  We have doubled our deposits made at one branch at an ATM within 3 months.  We are able to compete with the largest of institutions by offering this type of service to our customers.  When there are only two banks in town that offer smart deposits (cash and imaged check), one being Bank of America and then the other Bank of McKenney, it elevates our bank to a much larger customer base that has come to expect the best.

Bank of McKenney can now look at new markets with the confidence that we can place an ATM with Deposit Wizard, which will allow us to give our customers the convenience of a full service branch, with a much smaller footprint." 

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"Your service and support is superb.  ImageWizard software is both easy to learn and use.  We couldn’t be more satisfied."  

Lamar Doolittle, CIO, The George D Warthen Bank

Michelle Fitch, First Vice President, Operations & Support, Bank of McKenney

Anonymous Customer

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