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CFS Solutions has launched a new website with most of all the same material and information from before, but a few new features that will make life a little easier. We have changed our homepage and we may look a little different, but we are the same company you have known and trusted for years. Do you have a quick question about a product you are possibly interested in? Simply select the "chat now" button at the bottom right hand side of the screen and you can get your question answered in minutes.

Under our "ABOUT" page we now have an "EVENTS" page. You can see what trade shows or conferences we will be attending or what day we have open webinars for partners, current customers and potential customers. If you are interested in seeing us add a webinar simply fill out the criteria at the bottom of the page.

We have now added a portal for our partners. You simply go to the "PARTNERS" page on the navigation bar and then select login/sign up or go to the "PARTNER PORTAL "page on the navigation bar and it will take you directly to the sign in page where you can either sign in or sign up. You will need to already be a partner in order to sign up.

This portal will give you tools at your fingertips. You will have video presentations of our products for yourself, customer presentations, you will be given documents you can download directly from the site, as well as some pricing estimates. Forms available currently are the ATM Consolidator Parameters, Set Up Form, the DepositWizard White Paper, and Virtual Server Specs. This portal will be updated as technology changes. As long as you are a partner with us, you can join.

If you are not a partner, but are interested in becoming a partner you can fill out you information on the page titled "PARTNERS." We will have a representative get into contact with you with more information.

And finally, under the "ABOUT" section, there is "CFS NEWS AND UPDATES," this page will provide information for all up and coming projects, trade shows attended, and any major changes our company makes. As always we thank you for your partnership and for our loyal customers.

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